amNY Watch: Fill in the Blanks


[Fill in with activity/food/medicine] may [Fill in with medical problem/medical solution] 

If there’s anything more formulaic than health news headlines in newspapers, I don’t know of it. Above are three headlines from the health pages of amNewYork in the past week.

All three of these health findings will be disproven in the next issue of some medical research journal, and “may” will quickly become “may not.”

This isn’t really amNewYork‘s fault, I guess, but it makes you wonder why they dedicate three times as many pages to Health news as they do to International news every day.


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One response to “amNY Watch: Fill in the Blanks

  1. Hopeless Drudge

    Its a combination of hype, and the fact that journalists tend to be really bad at math, and don’t understand probability.

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