Adventures in Misleading Advertising

Dating websites have been catching some flack lately for using advertising with busty, blonde women to sell their services, despite the fact that these models probably have dumb-jock boyfriends and will never actually use these dating websites themselves. This misleading ad on MySpace (with points of interest added for emphasis) is no exception:


That’s impossible! This ad is misleading in many ways:

  • In Williamsburg, it is okay to stare, as long as you’re a brooding hipster sitting under a tree, staring from behind a book.
  • Hipsters are morally opposed to breast implants.
  • When you click “listen,” the only thing you should be able to hear is the blaring sounds of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs coming from McCarren Pool.
  • Even if her trust fund money helped pay for those sweater hogs, she can still afford a membership at Equinox. Or Maxim, if she doesn’t ever want to leave her little hipster bubble.
  • Girls from Williamsburg don’t want to meet you NOW. They want to fret over a hipster boy from a corner and admire him from afar while listening to Indie Rock.
  • Purple tank-tops are so Upper East Side, and everyone knows Upper East Siders are afraid of Brooklyn.


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3 responses to “Adventures in Misleading Advertising

  1. HaHa, she looks kind of fake. Like a vidio image. I would be scared to meet her. She might pound you into a plup.

  2. jer

    It’s not that we are afraid of Brooklyn, it just takes too long to get there, nor do we want to go there!

  3. I think she was superimposed in! She looks like a MySpace ‘ho from L.A.

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