Hitting “Reply All”


Dear JetBlue,

Now that you’ve added extra legroom, encouraging all of your passengers to take off their shoes and stink up your planes will really help me enjoy it.

New York



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5 responses to “Hitting “Reply All”

  1. Still better than any other airline around, even if you’re stuck on the tarmac for hours. I fly them over a dozen times a year, there isn’t any other airline I would rather fly. JetBlue kicks ass.

    Fuck United.

  2. I’m with Dave. Best airline around.

  3. Joy

    Well, aren’t WE just a bitter Betty?!

  4. I actually really like those ads. I liked them as soon as I saw them – it was not a long process of repulsion and acceptance. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just demented. Or maybe the copyrighter is someone I know. Worth finding out. Because they are right up my twisted littley alley.

    Jetblue itself sure, fine, whatever. I love air travel anyhow.


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