Conversations Last Night Involving My Ass

Upon seeing a hot girl covered in tattoos at Cheap Shots:
Friend: Do you have any tattoos?
Me: No, but if I did, it would I have to be something I know I’ll be faithful to for my entire life. Like a Red Sox logo…
Friend: Hmm, what could I be faithful to for my entire life?
Me: …either that, or maybe my alma mater. Maybe I could get an “Ithaca is Gorges” logo tattooed on my lower back and have an arrow pointing down to my ass.

In the midst of a game of Taboo at Common Ground:
Me: Uh… uh… you might drop one of these.
Friend: Um…?
Me: Uh… if I said I was going to “drop the Cosby kids off at the pool,'” then I might be going to drop a…?
Friend: DEUCE!
Me: Yes!



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4 responses to “Conversations Last Night Involving My Ass

  1. Hmmm…divided by a common language. I have no idea.

  2. meaghan

    You want to get an Ithaca is Gorges tramp stamp? That’s funny.

  3. Ann

    The first part of this post contains two things I love: Cheap Shots and the Red Sox.

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