If I Don’t Return from Long Island, Avenge My Death

I’m going to see my Buffalo Sabres kick the Islanders’ asses in Game 4 of the conference quarterfinals (that’s hockey, for everyone other than the 3 readers who actually follow the NHL). Here are two images that appeared when doing a Google Image Search for “Nassau Coliseum:”


This is what the parking lot of Nassau Coliseum looks like during a regular-season Islanders game.


This is the guido who will beat me up in the previously-mentioned parking lot following the game.



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8 responses to “If I Don’t Return from Long Island, Avenge My Death

  1. meaghan

    You’re going to long island voluntarily?

    I don’t understand.

  2. Shell neckless…timeless…

  3. Oh God. You always make me laugh.

    I just got home about 20 minutes ago from the RANGERS game! The ones who are so going to win the cup!

    How SWEEP it is!!

  4. Hollywood: We’ll see you guys in the next round… and I hate that I actually have to root for the Devils in order for that to happen.

  5. Why would he beat you up? What did you do to him? Or is it just one of those Long Island “turf” things?

  6. Hey! That’s me in the picture. Dude, I am going to kick your ass!

  7. That “Guido”?

    Must be from Dyker Heights;

    Ask him to spell what he said;

    If he can’t, he must be a Yankees’ Fan.

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