Friday Funnies: Spring Has Finally Sprung

It’s going to be in the 70s this weekend here in New York! I’m so elated that I feel like a kid again. So, I know it’s a cop-out for the Friday Funnies, and you’ve probably seen it before, but here’s a little bit of The Muppet Show for your Friday:

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll be dragged back from the weekend on Monday, kicking and screaming. Peace out.



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3 responses to “Friday Funnies: Spring Has Finally Sprung

  1. HAHAHA. I love how he looks into their mouths! heeheehee

  2. meaghan

    Greatest song of the 20th century. Prove me wrong.

  3. BNY

    I, too, was excited about the prospect of 70 degree whether and spring in New York … but then I began to wonder why we were all so excited – like it wasn’t 70 degrees in January?

    I’m chalking it up to spring fever.

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