Not Your Grandmother’s Readers Digest

The only thing I remember about Reader’s Digest is seeing it on my grandparents’ coffee table when I was growing up. They were big fans of Laughter: The Best Medicine, full of puns and zingers that would not elicit even a cackle out of any person born after the first talkie was filmed.

Little did I know that it is now catering to a younger demographic:


“Kicking butt!?” Somewhere, an old lady is taking this month’s issue out of her mailbox, reading the headline, saying, “well, I never!” and immediately fainting on her front porch.



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6 responses to “Not Your Grandmother’s Readers Digest

  1. caitlynintherye

    Oh. I used to love those “Laughter: The Best Medicine” jokes. It was pretty much the only reason I would look forward to going to my grandmother’s house. And believe me, I would cackle.

  2. I’d like to think that the hipification of Reader’s Digest will lead to a lot more rappin’ grannies. Or Harley-ridin’ grannies. Whichever, I’m not picky.

  3. I love Reader’s Digest. My family has had a subscription for years, and for a while I was even getting it here in New York.

    Laughter really is the best medicine.

  4. I think my favorite part of the cover is on the “Plus” bubble where mixed in with Tyra Banks, Rachel Ray, and Al Gore is “Garfield”.

  5. I like how some of America’s best new discoveries appear to be sausages, cupcakes, the Empire State Building, ducks with sunglasses and remote controls.

  6. I used to read all the “funny” stuff in RD at my grandma’s, too. Say, have you ever heard of this new young actor, Brad Pitt? He is one of RD’s new discoveries!
    Did you also notice that Garfield is listed in the burst as an enticement to read the magazine?!?!?

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