printtickets.jpgI’m not a technophobe by any means. In fact, I consider myself to be pretty tech-savvy. But there are a few advances in technology that I have resisted. One of them is the “print-your-own-ticket” phoenomenon.

Now, I’ll admit, I think this is a pretty cool idea – if you’re going to an event that’s less than 48 hours away. But the last time I checked, you can’t make a split-second decision to go to a Yankees-Red Sox game that sells out in 20 minutes. And those are the types of venues where ticket agencies push this service. Give me a fucking break.

For one thing, I like a real ticket. I like something printed on heavy paper stock. I like something that I won’t accidentally throw away. I like something that I can keep as a momento of the event after it happens. Try saving a stack of 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets of computer paper in a shoebox for safe keeping.

Secondly, I’m not trustworthy of my printer. If it screws up for some reason, or the ink gets smudged, and the people at the gates can’t scan the barcode on my ticket, I’m screwed. If someone else is printing the tickets, I can blame them for the screw-up. And typically, they don’t screw up, because they’re printing on paper that won’t smudge or rip easily.

Finally, though, here’s the kicker. I’m a frugal person to begin with. And I hate Ticketmaster with a passion. So when Ticketmaster has the nerve to ask for more money out of me when they’re already charging me half the ticket price in “convenience charges,” I will gladly say, “fuck no!” Take a look at their offer to me last week:


Let’s see… I can get professionally-printed tickets on heavy paper stock in the mail for free, or I can print my own tickets at home for $2.50! Let me think here… I can spend money to use my own resources to print my tickets on computer paper… or I can make Ticketmaster spend their money to print my tickets for absolutely no charge.

Seriously, who is that gullible? 

Here’s one obvious answer – the Yankees fans I saw on Saturday carrying their print-at-home tickets and wearing this shirt:




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6 responses to “BYOT? STFU.

  1. meaghan

    GOoooooo Fuck yourself.

  2. meaghan

    On the other hand, which Yankees/Sox game are you going to? and, as a corollary, can I come with?* We can start a fistfight in the stands.

    *Note: Agreeing to let me come with you implies your willingness to buy me a plane ticket to NYC for the occasion

  3. weirddreamer

    Well well…seems like the world is finally going insane…wonder how long itll take before that rediculus idea gets out here…

  4. kykim


    How little people really know.
    There are many ways you get to print a ticket.
    Ticketmaster is just one of them.

    As a season ticket holder, I can print out tickets for several reasons.

    I can also transfer a ticket to another person who can then print it out.

  5. rindy

    ticketb*stard rips you off every which way to sunday

    no shortage of meaningless fees so that they end up tacking on ~30% or so to advertised prices

    that is all…

    i feel better now, but still hate them

    ; )

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