New York: City of Peeves #47

Welcome to City of Peeves, the new feature where I will detail something about New York City that peeves the hell out of me. Why start with #47? Because while I haven’t counted, I know that I’ve detailed at least 46 other pet peeves with people in this city on this blog. Also, if I was an NFL running back, I would want #47 to be my uniform number. I would also want to run a 4.47-second 40, and earn $1.47 million a year. I can dream, can’t I?

The Last-Minute Smoker

subentrance.jpgHabitat: Street-level Subway Stairwells

Description: As addressed in my most-commented post of all time (125 comments strong!), I don’t like smokers. Some smokers insist that they take great care to avoid blowing smoke in non-smokers faces. This is not true with The Last-Minute Smoker. He doesn’t throw his cigarette butt into the street before going down into the subway. Instead, he insists on taking one last puff while descending the stairs and tossing the butt to the foot of the stairwell.  Showing no consideration for the line of people behind him, he then blows the smoke out at the bottom of the stairs. 

As any natural science class taught you, smoke rises. The Last-Minute Smoker’s acrid, stinging secondhand smoke rises directly into the faces of the people on the stairs behind him. He shows no remorse for his actions, and continues into the subway station, where he will probably be the same asshole who walks down to the platform at a snail’s pace, despite the fact that there is a train is in the station.

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6 responses to “New York: City of Peeves #47

  1. people who smoke, who are peeved they can’t smoke inside anymore.

    so, they huddle as close as possible to the door of the establishment they are eating/drinking in, thus, you wade though something resembling a cheap sci-fi film fogmachine set to enter. here’s a hint, i showered before i came out, i have to order my perfume from the uk because they don’t carry it here anymore… i don’t want to smell like your future cancer. i have my own, thanks.

  2. Jimmy

    You know what bursts my bubble? Red Sox fans in NY.

  3. Paul

    I think you’re a closet Star Trek fan. Read up on the 47 conspiracy…

  4. DO NOT FRET. next time i see you on the street i will be sure to blow the smoke directly into your face. Just so you can bore everyone with an entry about that. I suggest you call it “tired complaints of a tight ass who should call himself the upper east side idiot.” Your welcome in advance.

  5. Wow! One of my regular commenters woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

  6. Gwin

    Don’t worry Chris – all the pro-smoking people who are mean to you on your site are merely being eaten up by rage (and also possibly cancer).

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