amNY Watch: Who Writes Letters to a Free Daily?

For those readers not yet familiar with this site, over the past few months, I’ve documented a fair share of persistent errors in am New York. After finding that the saying “you get what you pay for” holds even more water in newspapers, it’s no wonder that the letter below is from the type of reader who actually took time to write to this paper. It’s also no wonder that they get so little correspondence each day that am New York actually published this on Monday:


Great work, Herb! You’ve cracked the case!

I wonder if it took him longer to write this letter than it does for most people to read this entire paper.



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3 responses to “amNY Watch: Who Writes Letters to a Free Daily?

  1. I’ve known this guy to write letters to AM NY under fake names made up of our common aquaintances. He has even been quite proud of having all three the letters posted be his on occasion.

    He’s also the guy who “allegedly” called Mayor Bloomberg’s office a ridiculous amount of times in the spam of a couple of days a year or two back.

  2. rindy

    has anyone checked cookiepuss to make certain he/she/it has a legit alibi?

    just wondering…

  3. Herb Stark apparently is quite the letter writer. I think this one might take the cake.

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