Aged Like a Fine Wine

A conversation from a party last night:

Me: This beer… doesn’t taste like Bud Light.
Co-worker: It doesn’t?
Me: No. It tastes a little like Sam Adams or something. Only… not good.
Co-worker: That’s strange.
Me: Yeah, I can’t really figure out why. (Looks down at bottle’s “born-on date”)


Me: Oh, never mind. (Throws beer in trash can)



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3 responses to “Aged Like a Fine Wine

  1. At least that was the “Born On” date and not the “Drink after this date and die” date.

  2. What’s the matter… that .05cent deposit not enough so you can’t recycle?

  3. Ahh the King of Beers…. 2005 was a great hops year…… ages like a fine wine.

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