This Week in Unnecessary Apostrophes

This week’s offender: Lots-O-Bagels, on Broadway in Astoria:


I hope they paid by the character for their awning. They deserve it.



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18 responses to “This Week in Unnecessary Apostrophes

  1. Could the store owner’s name be Lot, and he’s selling Irish Bagels? If so, then the sign is correct. Sorta.

  2. Beej: Good try, but wouldn’t it be called Lot’s O’Bagels?

  3. Ri L.

    Misplaced apostrophes make me want to break things. A misplaced apostrophe in a sign will actually influence whether I buy from that store.

  4. Joy

    Maybe Mr. Lot has orgasm inspiring bagels?

  5. Nic Fulton

    Maybe Mr Lot was going cheap on having an image of a Bagel, so chose -O- instead?

  6. Shop’s everywhere seem to have apostrophe’s wrong on their sign’s. I don’t understand these thing’s.
    Glad you’re stepping forward to call these folk’s out.

  7. thats nothing. there is a bar by me that sells $3 miller lite on monday’s

  8. meaghan

    you know what would have been good? If this store was named “Lox O-Bagels” because ‘lox’ sounds like ‘lots’ but it’s also a delicious addition to bagels with cream cheese.

    God, I am a marketing GENIUS.

  9. am i the only one who is wondering why the fuck you were in ASTORIA?

  10. Is it possible that misplaced apostrophes can make me want to scream, cry, and laugh at the same time? My professors would kick me out of their class if I did that!
    Thanks for exploited other’s stupidity.

  11. Cinnamon

    For that offense, the owner should be turned into a pillar of salt.

  12. Tyler

    good job astoria.

  13. or maybe the owner’s English just isn’t that hot because he came to this country speaking another language and tried to make a life for himself here by opening a little bagel shop in Queens.

    But that is reason enough for a stoning him in the town square, right?

  14. caitlynintherye

    Sadly I’ve actually had a bagel from there before. And I noticed the same exact thing.
    There is a Chinese food place that opened up near my house- they didn’t speak a word of English when they opened and had three signs for the window- “Chin”, “ese” and “Food”. They put them up as “Chin-Food-ese”.

  15. Joy

    I’ve got one for ya. Everyone – yes, you, EVERYONE – open your wallet. Take out your license. Read what it is. Is it a driver, driver’s, or drivers license? Inquiring minds want to know…

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