Getting the Whole Picture

One night, a couple weeks ago, my boss sent me a picture message she took at Penn Station. It was late, and she was very much amused by a particular drunkard who had decided to lay down against one of the station’s escalators. Here is part of that picture:


Already, this is high comedy. The puddle running down from his head is not puke. If you look closely, you can see a Burger King drink cup. He decided to use the cup as a pillow for his little nap in Penn Station. That cup happened to be full of soda.

Soon after, my boss observed a Penn Station janitor watch the drunk man make a mess of the station floor. Rather than clean up the soda and run the risk of disturbing the drunk man, the janitor took an alternate approach:


I applaud the ingenuity – and/or laziness – of the Penn Station janitorial staff.



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8 responses to “Getting the Whole Picture

  1. Fucking brilliant. I need some of these warning placards for my home.

  2. Oy. I spent every Thursday night from August through December a few years back hanging out in Penn Station waiting to catch a train back to DC. It was a lowpoint of my life. Thanks for bringing those memories back into sharp focus.

  3. Oh wow… yeah this might be the answer for every problem this city has. Just stick a yellow sign next to it and move on.

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  5. caitlynintherye

    I think at some point the workers have to add humor to their days. The same old “wake up the homeless man, send him away” routine must get terribly boring.

  6. lay down? shouldn’t it be *lie* down?

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