Friday Funnies: White State, White Rappers

In my travels, I lived in Vermont for about a year and a half (and before you ask: no, not on a commune, thank you very much). If there’s one thing that becomes clear as soon as you cruise the streets of Burlington, it’s that Vermont is pretty freaking white bread.

But this proves once and for all just how white bread Vermont is:

Enjoy the holiday weekend, folks. And have a slice of Cabot cheddar for these boys… extra sharp.



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4 responses to “Friday Funnies: White State, White Rappers

  1. Cody

    Maine ain’t bad, either.
    They say it’s like Heaven.
    We’ve also got one area code…

    the “207.”
    (cue white bread rap music)

    Yup..I’m now moving to a state with multiple area codes. I do like Cabot, though…

  2. The Joy

    I weep for the future. And Vermont.

  3. “Don’t mess with our cows or we’ll break your knees?”

    Damn it they totally stole that from the Kansas Rap!

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