So it’s come to this: LOLYankees. Plz enjoy. kthxbye.

There’s plenty more at my new site for all your lolyankees needs:











Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Laterz.



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41 responses to “LOLYankees

  1. Lauren

    somehow, that felt entirely necessary.

  2. meaghan

    You are a douchebag Red Sox fan. I’m not saying all sox fans are douchebags; i’m saying the ones that act like you have lately are.

  3. Matt

    kickin’ us while we’re down, eh? there’s no shame in it; i’m just as guilty (the boston massacre pt. 2 comes to mind). but it always stings a little to be on the sorry end of teases such as these.

  4. AWESOME. I demand this become a regular feature.

  5. Very nice. I read an article about the state of the city (crime and such) vs the state of the Yankees (lots of losses as of late). It said that we’re in for one hell of a crime-filled summer.

  6. caitlynintherye

    Love it. Almost as good as the Cheeseburger site.

  7. Ok, ok. I’m a huge Yankee fan, but let me just say bravo. That’s excellent, Chris.

  8. i didn’t realise the yankees had a team this year.

    my bad

  9. Kevin

    Wow, slap your knees gentlemen. That is some quality humah!
    Wait ’til your Sox choke my friend and we’ll see who is handing out the napkins…

  10. Hilarious…hopefully you won’t jinx your team with that post though. As a Met fan, I always keep my jabs in my head until after the All Star break.

  11. Jimmy

    Hey I just got back from being in Boston on business. Why does every guy look the same there? They all have the same hat, shirt, haircut and bad attitude.

  12. Gwin

    I love the Yankees, but I love LOLstuff even more, so I feel a bit conflicted.

  13. OMG. i’m in ur blog steeelin yr photoz.


  14. Beth

    haha…i love yankee-haters. and yes i am one myself….but try spell check next time.

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  16. Bob Stacy

    Very good. Law of physics: “Any thing that can happen, will happen if given enough time. The Yanks have been great since I was a little kid (1940’s). This is a very surprising 50 or so games, so far. Only time will tell.

  17. uh… that’s the point beth.

    (not sure if you’re familiar with the LOLcats or Caturday)

  18. haha…i love yankee-haters. and yes i am one myself….but try spell check next time.

    Thank you, Beth. You just made my morning.

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  20. I love this. Will you do one now for the Phillies?

  21. oh mah gawdz. iz so funnie. ok thnx bai.

  22. Stevo

    Way to miss the entire point of lolpics, Beth.

    Welcome to the internets. Use a toothbrush to clean out your tubes once you’re done using them, please.

  23. Dave

    “Hey I just got back from being in Boston on business. Why does every guy look the same there? They all have the same hat, shirt, haircut and bad attitude.”

    I’m from Boston, and I’ve noticed the same thing. In general, we really are a bunch of pissed off douchebags. Although I don’t think it’s specific to Boston. Guys everywhere are all trying to look exactly the same. Boston people are just colder than most.

  24. Matt

    As a Cubs fan, I’m used to seeing my team get eliminated by about the middle of May. So its nice to see another team get picked on once in a while. Nicely done. :-D

  25. John

    Dumbest site I’ve ever seen. Your captions are brutal…get a life loser

  26. John: Thanks for telling me to get a life… since, you know, you take time out of your obviously busy life to go tell a complete stranger that their blog sucks. Great work!

  27. D

    Not even close to funny…who laughs at this shit, 11-year-old Mets fans?

    Seriously, this was painfully unfunny…you should take a hard look at your life if you have the time and motivation to come up with something this dumb.

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  29. D: If you’re actually offended by the fact that other people actually find this funny, you should take a hard look at your life if you have the time and motivation to comment on this site.

  30. aniche

    the godzrilla one tops the list…funny…

    chk out my blog as well for daily humor columns.Peace.

  31. until every Red Sox player takes a FUCKING SHOWER and begins to stop looking homeless, this must stop.

  32. D. Peace

    Those are awesome.

    I refuse to believe that the lolcats craze sweeping the internet has gone overboard.

    No. We need lolEVERYTHING.

    I iz in ur coment box…
    talkin bout ur postz

  33. All anyone needs to know is to see the Boston fans are a one note, one trick pony—and a phoney one. They suffer from Yankee envy & are the most ungracious winners in sports. Deep down they know they will never match the Yankees on any level & the only legends they are part of include their need to beat & be like the NYY.

    How soon they forget their own flawed history filled with racism, hypocrisy & philandering. Boston, once a proud & historical American city, is being dragged down daily by their myopic fandom for a baseball team & their envy of the best sports franchise ever to have taken any field.

  34. If there’s ever been a group that deserves to be laughed at, it’s the New York Yankees, fer shure.

  35. I don’t think the yankees fans are getting the point. IT’S A GODDAMN JOKE. LIGHTEN THE HELL UP.


  36. the biggest problem here is that most of the outraged people do not know about LOL Cats.

    Look, LOL Mariners now (and she hadn’t seen this site until I pointed her at it):

    And for a Yankees fan to call any other team ungracious is the pot calling the kettle black. And until your goddamn fans stop coming to OUR ballpark, dressed in full Yankees regalia, with no other agenda than to cheer on whatever team we’re playing against – doesn’t matter who it is! – you have no moral high ground.

    Do Mets fans go to Yankee stadium, dressed in Mets gear, to cheer on the Royals or the Angels or anyone else?

    Arrogant morons, the lot of you. The fact that you swarm here to criticize a joke YOU DON’T EVEN FULLY COMPREHEND just proves my point.

    Now I have a headache.

  37. Metsgrrl has a point:

    If one were to dress in Mets, or Red Sox Gear & go up to “The Toilet” in The Bronx, beer would be tossed at one, or assaulted, physically & verbally, by people fueled by 9 beers by the bottom of the 1st Inning;

    Chris, you capture the Literacy Level of the Lushes in Tier & The Burnouts in The RF Bleachers, with an accuracy not seen anywhere.

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