Shown: receipt from Duane Reade
Items purchased prior to printing of receipt: one (1) 16 oz. bottle of Poland Spring water and one (1) packet of Skittles
Length of receipt: eleven (11) inches
Do you need a bag?: yes, to carry the receipt



Filed under General stupidity

7 responses to “Wastepaper

  1. so, that’s where the forests in the amazon are going to….

  2. jew

    So i see Irish hazed you enough to put us on your blogroll ;)



  3. Is that what you got to eat after happy hour?

  4. Tacos, E, many, many, many tacos…

  5. Well, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone complain about 11 inches.

    Ba dum dum. (I must be getting better!)

  6. yeah, i’m not on the blogroll yet.

    one day…..onnnnnnnnnnnne day.

  7. I fucking LIVE for that $5 coupon. Sweet God. Love those babies.

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