I’m [No Longer] in a Box.

Hello, readers.

jurybox.jpgI know I’ve been apologetic about not putting a lot of effort into this blog over the past few weeks.

I know I’ve also been very hush-hush about the reason why.

Well, as of this afternoon, I can finally tell you why:

I was a member of the jury on a month-long murder trial.

Ooh! The drama! The intrigue! The… bureaucracy!

There are plenty of stories to tell, and I’ll get around to telling them as soon as I catch up on about four weeks’ worth of work in my day job.



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7 responses to “I’m [No Longer] in a Box.

  1. like you know what it is like to be ‘in a box’ anyways….ba dum bum.

    thank you! i’ll be here all night!

  2. Jimmy

    A-rod is not guilty!

  3. ed

    And that was in Canada?

  4. Step one, put your jury in a box.

    Step two, make them not leave the box.

    Step three, uh… ok. I got nothing more.

  5. Ok and I only had to serve 4 days and I was going crazy… so congrats! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  6. caitlynintherye

    Oh man that is exciting! I was on the jury for a week long drug case- the guy had stuffed 54 bags of cocaine in his mouth and tried to swallow it while being arrested.
    At least I got a date out of it.

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