Not Cool for School

I don’t like buying air conditioners. I still desperately need to buy one – especially after I woke up in a puddle of sweat over the weekend (whether that was caused by the high temperature of my room or massive hangover I woke up with is still up for debate). But I just can’t justify buying one.

airconditioner.jpgIt’s not that I’m cheap. I just can’t grasp the concept of spending a lot of money for something that will cost me a lot more money. It’s like a bartender saying, “hey, I’ll give you one beer every day this summer for $5 plus tip. But first, you’re going to have to pay me $150. Then for the entire summer, I’m going to make a loud, rumbling noise all day and night in your bedroom. And the first beer will weigh about 60 pounds, and you’ll have to take a cab to get the beer home. The cabbie will be flustered and expect a big tip because the beer will only fit in the trunk. And you’ll be so busy fumbling around to get your beer that you’ll leave your messenger bag in the back seat of the cab. Oh, and once you’re home, you’re going to have to carry that beer up three flights of stairs and balance it precariously on your windowsill.”

Umm, I think I’ll have to try another bar, thanks.



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9 responses to “Not Cool for School

  1. Christina

    Best Buy has decent air conditioners. You can find one for $90.

  2. meaghan

    Plus, an air conditioner would ruin the beautiful view you have in your room.

  3. Tyler

    Three words, quality of life.

  4. What? Are you serious? I’d give a limb if need be. I can’t live without a/c. I’m weak like that.

  5. BNY

    I am dealing with the same inner turmoil over the purchase of an air conditioner. That’s why it has taken me four months of internal back-and-forth while my family and friends (who live in the South and don’t understand housing without AC) ask me weekly, “Have you bought an AC yet?”

    PLUS, I can only buy an AC that fits in the huge sleeve in my wall, which though covered is not insulated and let in the cold air all winter. My ONLY window won’t accommodate one, which would ultimately block my view of Jimmy Hoffa’s burial ground anyway (= Hudson River) and the only ACs that fit in sleeves at PC Richards cost $399.

    I think I have just made my next post by commenting in your blog. Thanks for giving me the motivation to rant.

  6. Yeah man, you’re crazy. I bought my air conditioner last weekend and then carried the damn thing home (granted i was only 3 street blocks away, but it’s still effort!).

    It’s bad enough we have to deal with perennial swamp ass when we’re walking around side – not to mention the incredible increase of hot-ball syndrome.

    You need a nice cool place to store your genitals on those hot nights.

  7. Todd: What? Are you serious?

    No, I’m not.

  8. Rattling the Kettle

    Before we moved to the Land of Central Air, our air conditioner was a 11,500 BTU beast that I bought from some guy on the street (Amsterdam and 104, to be exact) for $50. He lugged it up to his apartment to plug it in and prove that it works, and then he lugged it back down and drove me and the beast the 10 blocks to my apartment and helped me bring it upstairs. That thing worked great for 7 years, until we moved.

    Craigslist is your friend.

  9. Rob

    GoldBond extra strength is your friend

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