Buy Me Some Bandwidth and Cracker Jacks

The view from my seat at Shea Stadium:


As far as we could tell, this guy was trying to find a WiFi connection. He closed his laptop about 30 seconds later, so we can only presume that there were either no networks present, or Shea Stadium’s neighbors secure their wireless networks out of fear of 50,000 laptop-wielding Mets fans trying to leech off their Internet connection.



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8 responses to “Buy Me Some Bandwidth and Cracker Jacks

  1. You know, I would like wifi at Shea. I could get things done when I get there early for BP, before the game starts.

    Pac Bell Park has wifi throughout the entire park and the outer concourse. Then again, SF, go figure.

  2. Maybe he’ll get hit with a foul ball in the noggin.

  3. Perhaps we can all suggest that Citi Field be equppied with wireless. Then again, they’ll just end up charging $4.00 a minute for it.

  4. Damn it to hell, I just switched keyboards here at work and now everything I type looks like I had 4 margaritas at lunch. Excuse the typo above.

  5. Laptop @ a Ball Game?

    WTF is this? Fever Pitch?

  6. Marjorie

    I won’t help with the vertigo.

  7. The one with Laptop could’ve used a Palm Treo Phone or Palm Tungsten TX or E2 & used a Bluetooth Phone, & carried it all in a shirt pocket:

    Those seats, from Upper Level, suck & who wants to lug 7 1/2 LBS of Laptop into Shea Stadium, risking some drunken a-hole spilling brewskis on that machine;

    Travel Light & not just light-headed.

  8. caitlynintherye

    He could have been updating about the game.
    Also, I retched at the idea of you being a Mets fan.

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