A Message to the Creator of The Sopranos



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7 responses to “A Message to the Creator of The Sopranos

  1. Hahahaha! I like that one a lot! What can I say? Ole Chasey is a crazy bastard.

  2. Brian

    What can I say, I liked it.

  3. what? the guy in the members only jacket shot you, too?

    but, ohhhh… phil’s head made a great sound, didn’t it?

  4. save me having to watch it again…

    was the last moment from tony’s pov?

    if so, tony was whacked.

    if not, he wasn’t.

    thought of it from a director’s…well, direction, and that’s how it would be shot, so to speak.

    i just can’t remember how it went.

    my bad.

  5. Shit, I seriously thought Time Warner cable was fucking with me, as I was watching it on HBO on Demand :-D. Found myself rewinding that part like 5 times at least, convinced it was a service issue. But yea I bet that part has beaten the World Record for “WTF” in the history of film making. I can just picture all of America in unison going “WTF!” :-D

  6. thelocomono

    what happened? the screen went dark. i didn’t see the show. somebody turn on the lights please!

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