This Week in Menu Misspellings

Peppermint Turkey and Corn Beef, as seen at the West 53rd Street Deli. Yum!



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3 responses to “This Week in Menu Misspellings

  1. K

    Hmm..peppermint turkey. Dinner and a mint all in one.

    You’ve got a good idea there…

  2. I pass this sign every day on my way to work; every day, I am bothered by it. Today, I was so bothered that i risked life and limb to take a poorly-lit picture with my cameraphone while driving. I know it’s blurry – what do you expect? It reads: “Sale? Sale, Sale! It’s on.” I contend that it should read ‘Sale? Sale. Sale! It’s on.’, which conveys more of a progression of emotion than the other. In fact, I don’t understand the use of the comma at all.

    What do you think?

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