I’m Too Busy at Work, So Here’s a Topic of Discussion


In light of recent events, does anyone feel dirty when they see a little kid wearing an A-Rod t-shirt?

Discuss. Bonus points for not using the following terms in your response: Boston, Red Sox, Jeter, Purse Slap, “I Got It,” Stripper, and Closet Homosexual.



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8 responses to “I’m Too Busy at Work, So Here’s a Topic of Discussion

  1. Rob

    A Rod purse slaps Jeter because he’s an “I got it” calling stripper closet homosexual……..Boston Redsox.

  2. I think that it’s fine. A 6 year old isnt going to know about A-rod’s extramarital dalliances; they’re just happy enough that he’s a good baseball player. And honestly, I don’t really care about it either – just like I didn’t care if Bill Clinton was boning every intern he crossed paths with. If he’s doing his job competently and correctly, I can’t fault him for what he chooses to do in his downtime. Sure, Steinbrenner expects his players to come across as boy scouts, but even then, A-Rod hasn’t really faulted. By all accounts, he tipped very well! That’s a stand-up thing to do! Also, since this has all come to light, the Yanks are on a winning streak (did they win yesterday? The last time I checked they were up, but i didn’t get the final). In conclusion, and in summary, no one’s perfect.

  3. That six-year-old simply enjoys cavorting with manly strippers. That’s all there is to it.

  4. My other half makes noises about people needing to raise their children better.

    The worst had to be the mother, father and son – completely decked from head-to-toe in Yankees gear – in the front row of a Nationals v. Mets game in DC.
    The child was an A-rod clone. I bet he even had cleats on.

  5. Paul

    Kidz can has hoez?!

  6. I think what you’re overlooking here, is that you snapped a picture of a small boy’s backside in a subway with your camera phone, and then posted it on the internet.

  7. As long as he doesn’t stick his Rod in a stripper, he’ll be fine.

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