Friday Funnies: The Price is Wrong, Bob

I had the day off from work today. Clearly, I only took it off because I wanted to watch Bob Barker’s final show as host of The Price is Right while I marvel at my manicure (that’s a story for another day). A lot of people have suggested that Bob Barker is a cranky old man, but here’s proof that deep down inside, he has a softer side… a forgiving side:

Have a great weekend, and help control the pet population: have your pet spayed or neutered. Goodbye, everybody.



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7 responses to “Friday Funnies: The Price is Wrong, Bob

  1. That kid is a tool. I don’t know how Bob put up with all those idiots every day for, like, 50 years or whatever.

  2. Actually, that kid is me Cherry. You’re a tool. Not really… but I think Bob negotiated the Barker’s Beauties as part of compensation for dealing with all the cracked out UCLA students and Marines that showed up everyday. I hear Alex Trebek is working on his own deal for turning the “Clue Crew” into a topless group of showgirls. Jeopardy would be awesome with showgirls.

  3. Actually Cherry, Bob was only on TPIR for 35 years, but it sure fucking felt like 50. Am I the only one that despises this show? Sure, his Happy Gilmore cameo was pretty sweet, but Plinko? Really? RIP weird skinny microphone.

  4. samantha

    although i never watched the show on tv, i’ve seen lots of viral videos of bob barker, and, despite this clip, i still think he’s a cranky old man. or, at the very least, a passive agressive old man.

    the only good thing about watching the clips: bob gets older, the audience’s clothing gets more modern, but the sets, the prizes, and the showgirls’ clothing has remained stuck in the 1970s.

  5. Cody

    That kid did go to Emerson…

  6. Bob Barker is the shit. He’s a lot cooler than a lot of old men. And he’s allowed to be grumpy. Like Cherry Ride said, there must’ve been a lot of morons to cross that stage…

  7. I love how the show ran for 35 years, and the set/ decorations NEVER changed! Its such a throwback to the 70s…and that skinny little microphone. And the obesity in the audience, when the camera pans it’s pretty telling about the state of our country…

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