Hollywood: Officially Out of Ideas

A comprehensive list of the movies currently playing at the Regal Union Square Stadium 14:

  • Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, a sequel.
  • Hostel: Part II, a sequel.
  • Ocean’s Thirteen, a sequel.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At The World’s End, a sequel.
  • Shrek the Third, a sequel.
  • Spider-Man 3, a sequel.
  • Waitress, not a sequel, but a ripoff of every uplifting Southern chick-flick comedy about a hard-luck single mom ever created.

It’s no wonder that I’ve seen exactly two movies in a movie theater in the past year. Well, that, and the whole $11 price tag.



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10 responses to “Hollywood: Officially Out of Ideas

  1. that makes me want to throw up a little in my mouth. the best part is, out of all those sequels, i haven’t seen a single one of the originals.

  2. And where the hell is the “Dude Where’s My Car?” sequel they’ve been promising us for a few years now. Priorities, people.

  3. Its the Summer of Sequel! The best part is that Hollywood turned to sequels because of a total lack of creativity/good screenplays, which temporarily lifted box office sales, but now its all tanking again…i guess the saying goes “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. I guess the general viewing public isn’t going to be sold on shit time and time again…

    I can’t wait for Spiderman 4 to come out and bomb. The studio execs are froathing at the mouth because of the success of 3, but that was just residual from 2. I would be really suprised if people didn’t learn their lesson after 3 and never see 4.

  4. Also due out soon: Evan Almighty – Possibly the worst looking sequel of all time.

  5. DUDE! Harry Potter! Best Summer EVER.

  6. Is Transformers a sequel if it’s a remake of a movie that was a remake of a television show?

    Regardless, I’m going to see that movie.

  7. Well, having been forced to sit through both “Oceans 13” and “Spiderman 3” I can say that they both totally suck balls.

    I won’t even bother to see any of the other movies on the list.

    At least “Transformers” will be entertaining (a few minutes of plot points, a shitload of explosions, a car chase, more explosions, conclusion).

  8. Midwestern Gal

    Let’s not forget The Nanny Diaries…another mindless “memoir” written by a post graduate 20 something in a “glamorous” no respect, low paying job in NYC.

  9. caitlynintherye

    Yeah, I’m with Megan on that one. It’s just about the only sequel I’m up for seeing.
    And my local theatre has tickets for six dollars, the most comfortable, plush chairs in the world, and you can get a bottle of wine, cheesecakes and petit fours, or espressos (Though they also have popcorn and candy).

  10. Hey you forgot “Live Free or Die Hard” and Rocky 7 or Balboa or whatever it’s called. How old is Bruce Willis anyway? Like 67? :-D

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