Idiots of the Week: WABC-TV

Oh my God! Did you hear the news on channel 7? There are mice running around the Pinkberry on the Upper East Side! How disgusting! First, it was rats. Now, it’s mice! This is out of control! We must stop this massive incoming health crisis! EVERYBODY PANIC!

mice_061707.jpgYes, there are mice running around in closed restaurants in New York City. In other news: the sky is blue, the earth is round, and the subway doesn’t always run on time. Shocking stuff! Look, I’ve seen a mouse run loose in my apartment, and it didn’t necessitate a visit from a camera crew or the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. A few mice running loose in a New York City restaurant are not worthy of any amount of time on the local news, let alone a top story.

Not to mention that this isn’t a compelling story. The Rats at Taco Bell were out of control. It was a pack of ugly, mutant rats, jumping over every square foot of floor and every piece of furniture. Meanwhile, I could count the number of mice at Pinkberry on one hand. They had to highlight the mice on the video just to distinguish them from a stain on the floor. There’s no mistaking rats. And mice are cute! They’re small and look pretty much harmless. In the unnecessarily-long story on the WABC, they interviewed patrons at Pinkberry on Sunday, and none of them said it would stop them from coming. You know why? Because it’s two fucking little mice. Hell, if they didn’t charge freaking five bucks for a little cup of frozen yogurt, I’d almost feel bad for Pinkberry.

So, congratulations, WABC. You are the Idiots of the Week! Two mice roaming around a Manhattan restaurant is not surprising, revolting, or particuarly unhealthy, no matter how much you guys want to tell us it is.



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9 responses to “Idiots of the Week: WABC-TV

  1. deb

    Alas, poor Mickey and Minnie got caught trying to get a free dessert!

  2. j$

    i’d give partial credit to pinkberry for thinking it was a good idea to have a floor made of thousands of tiny pebbles glued together. lots of little crevices for crumbs to fall into.

  3. When it gets to three mice, then we’ve got a problem.

  4. I called the news when I saw hispanic people in my neighborhood.

    They’ve yet to respond.

  5. in the know

    Pinkberry and disney may be hooking up to launch pinkberry’s new mascot, mickey mouse.

  6. How are we so sure that they are Mickey and Minnie. Couldn’t they be the mice from Cinderella?

  7. Cat Mom

    Where I live (in the country) there are tons of mice. They would take over the barn if not for the cats. Sometimes the cats bring them in to play and then lose them in the house. And sometimes they eat them for snack. Either way, it keeps the barn population down.

    When I was younger I kept pet mice for a time. Those little critters ALWAYS set about cleaning their little selves as soon as I put them down. Guess I was dirtying their fur by holding them. Who knows what nasty human diseases I was carrying?

  8. Anthony

    First off, I hate WABC/Channel 7. They try to copy what other tv stations in New York is doing, and this story is one of them. As you know the rat infestation that had national attention came from WNBC/Channel 4. Now that was way worst than this.

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