Greenpoint: Now With 100% More “The”

am New York has taken painstaking steps over the past few years to cheapen journalism, eliminate opinion columnists, and give hard news a back seat to gossip. But now, they’ve gone one step further: today, they renamed a neighborhood!


Residents of neighboring ‘hoods, The Williamsburg and The Bushwick, were not available for comment.



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7 responses to “Greenpoint: Now With 100% More “The”

  1. Shouldn’t they have at least capitalized the article “the” if it goes before a proper noun?

  2. Kim

    I am feeling a trend this week…are you becoming one of ‘those guys’ ? those grammar guys? as long as you dont do it in bars i guess….

  3. Right now, I’m working in the Chelsea. Later I’ll go home to the Brooklyn and possibly head back to the Manhattan this evening. In all cases, I’ll take subway.

  4. perhaps the author was talking about the point that is green, not Greenpoint. the maybe?

  5. caitlynintherye

    Thank god I live in the New Jersey and don’t have to deal with that.

  6. I’m lucky to actually live in the Greenpoint. Don’t be jealous ;)

  7. Seriously, why do they not fire their whole copy desk?

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