amNY in Denial about Yankees’ Fall to 3rd Place

At left, the AL East Standings in this morning’s am New York.
At right, the actual standings, as reported by

A lot of Yankee-Haters claim the Yankees cheat, but now they’re just outright stealing another team’s record? This has gone too far!

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8 responses to “amNY in Denial about Yankees’ Fall to 3rd Place

  1. shut your face, you asshat. We [as yankee fans] can’t be held responsible for amNY’s utter lack of ability.

    On the other hand, to keep this civil, I commend Boston on their fantastic year so far.

  2. Somebody

    I think they took that a little hard.

  3. Yankees Suck

    That is all.

    /flame war.

  4. I bet the sports desk editor is a Yanks fan. Also, his middle name is Denial.

  5. Yankees… Red Sox… Why can’t we all just get along?!

    Kidding. You guys go nuts on each other.

    In other news: The other free paper that is not amNY spent most of a full page extolling the virtues of colonics. Maybe tomorrow they’ll talk about how walking on hot coals is good for your feet!

  6. Andrea

    As a Yankee fan, I do not find you an asshat, as meaghan seems to. I actually think that’s kind of funny.

    Isn’t AM New York the “newspaper” that they give out for free when you get off the subway? I think one of the guys handing them out was bored one day. I got off the 1 at Houston St. and the guy was sitting there “AM New York. AM New York. New York’s free mother fucking newspaper.” It made me giggle. Maybe they really are in denial. The rest of the Yankee fan world is.

  7. Todd-
    your take your Indians and shove it!

    I’m ready to get all midwest up on everyone’s shit. Go Twins! (yay 3rd place!)

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