Fire Drill

firealarm.jpgWe just had our first fire drill in a few months here at the office. I don’t mind these, but I’m baffled by the process. The alarm sounds, and we are told to report to the elevator lobby on our floor.

There are easily 150 people working on my floor. They force us all to stuff into a 200-square-foot room that is about as far away from a fire exit as we can get so a “fire safety inspector” can tell us that in the event of an actual fire, we should use fire exits – not the elevators.

Now, I may not be an expert “fire safety inspector,” but isn’t that a serious fire hazard?



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10 responses to “Fire Drill

  1. I sit way back in the corner so I just ignore it, no one realizes if I participate or not.

    Chris, in your new picture it looks like you are posing for a billboard selling Suntory Whisky.

  2. Val

    hey, i just had a fire drill today as well…do you work in my building…

  3. Kristen

    I think you should be ashamed of yourself for not taking seriously the fire safety process. What happens when you accidentally catch your office on fire after sneaking a smoke inside on a winter day? You do know that the cheap ass chairs and the fabric walls of our cubs are not flame resistant. Your life is as stake. Keep in mind Smokey the Bear and the life lessons he gave all of us. And remember if you do catch on fire – STOP – DROP and ROLL.

  4. Awww, I like your new picture! Yeah, this has nothing to do with fire drills, just sayin’….

  5. OMG!!!

    We had a problem with our alarm system here at Company, Inc. not too long ago. It would sometimes go off without any warning and the fire inspector would show up to investigate.

    He showed up once and yelled at all of us for not leaving the building.

  6. Val: Yes, I do work in your building. And I am totally creeped out by this.

  7. This reminds me of the fire drills we used to have in the dorms at college. At 4 in the morning. In cold, snowy, below-freezing upstate.

    There’s nothing as relaxing as being jarred out of sleep to go stand in 10 feet of snow!

  8. OMG! I had a fire drill too!

    Actually no. I didn’t. I just wanted to fit in.

    You’re that douche we read about on the evening news discovered burnt to a crisp underneath a computer. Have fun with that.

  9. i work on the 11th floor. i’d perish by the time i found everything, leashed up three dogs and made it down the stairs.


    loving the new photo. all your wrist needs is a watch.

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