New York: City of Peeves #56

The Wild Wheelchair Wielder

Habitat: City sidewalks

rapper.jpgDescription: I don’t want to make fun of the handicapped. And yes, the handicapped are largely, well, handicapped in this city. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I was bound to a wheelchair in New York. But despite all this, there are some handicapped people in this city who have taken it upon themselves to get a distinct advantage on our sidewalks – at the expense of our safety.

The Wild Wheelchair Wielder has a modified electric wheelchair. I presumed that there was some sort of restrictor plate on a wheelchair that runs on its own power source. I guess that’s not the case on all of them, because the Wild Wheelchair Wielder will MOW YOUR ABLE BODY DOWN AT ANY COST if you’re in his way. You may walk at a mere three miles per hour, but this bad-boy in a wheelchair will blow by you at lightning-speed. Ten miles per hour. Fifteen miles per hour. If he could actually walk, he’d be a great candidate for a delivery boy. He can even outrun and outmaneuver most crosstown buses. If you’re walking towards him, your best bet is to dive out of the way, because he will stop for no one. You treat him like a second-class citizen most of the time, and it’s high time that he got his chance to treat you like one, too. 

Now, I’ll be fair. There are so few wheelchair-accessible subway stations and taxis in this town, so they have to make up for it somehow. But with all of the hazards for pedestrians in this city – out-of-control cabs, falling parapets, reckless cyclists, crazed gunmen – a disabled person should not be one of them.

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9 responses to “New York: City of Peeves #56

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  2. DoctortedNYC

    Actually, I use an electric wheelchair and I find its the other way around. You sorry a**ed non-physically challenged people get in my way. You block me out at Whole Foods, spill your steaming Mocha Lattes on me at Starbucks and Big Butt Chicks block my view as I fly down the street in my tricked out 2007 Invacare Arrow Storm Trooper Powerchair, running on 24 volts of supercharged Lithium-Ion battery juice.

    Stay outta my way as I’m pissed off at life !

  3. Hopeless Drudge

    I have to admit I’ve had no problems from people in wheelchairs on the sidewalks, and tons of problems from able bodied people who think that they don’t have to look at where they are going or pay attention to the other foot traffic. So I don’t share the peeve.

    There is an issue with the buses, where the MTA seems to have come up with the most expensive, slow, and cumbersome way to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act as they possibly could. But again this is hardly the fault of the disabled themselves.

  4. districtofcontention

    If this is for real, that’s hilarious!!!! I can’t even wiggle in and out of the streets of NYC when I visit – it’s one of my biggest pet peeves about the city itself: Walking is like playing frogger!!! I can just imagine this tank barreling through pedestrian traffic …. if you happen to see anyone actually on one – post it here!!!

    And btw, is that a BoSox hat you’re wearing? How much shit do you get for that in NYC?

  5. That’s the coolest Johnny-5 wheelchair ever.

  6. if i could afford it i would totally buy my lazy ass a rascal. then i would strap a boom box to the back. next, i would attach a puerto rican flag. pimp.

  7. Peoplewillhatemeforthis

    I like it when people in wheelchairs yell at you to get out of their way when you could so easily push them over.

  8. Icarus

    It must be difficult being chair bound-and having to traverse the blocks. Even as a pedestrian, I find people so unaware and unco-operative. If they aren’t texting, they’re talking on the phone or lost in Ipod ear buds. Most of them are just begging to be mugged. If the city were as it was twenty some years ago, all the unaware idiots would be mugger fodder.Why do so many visitors and residents fail keep to the right, or keep moving, instead of stopping dead in their tracks? They don’t get that “hey, it’s NY, there are people all around you trying to make the same progress”. If I were in a chair, bitches would GET OUTTA THE WAY!

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