To The Unidentified Caller

workphone.jpgYour caller ID comes up as “Incoming/801.” That means you’ve blocked caller ID. Every time you call, you listen to my outgoing voicemail, which lasts a good 15 seconds, and then hang up, leaving me with a voicemail that simply contains a very audible “click.” This has occurred on a near-daily basis for at least three weeks.

I’m going to give you some bad news. You will never get my live voice on the phone. Not in a million years. There are too many “unidentified” calls that I picked up early in my career that literally resulted in a complete waste of an hour of my otherwise busy workday.

You have two options:

1. Leave me a voicemail explaining who you are and why you are calling me. Since there’s a 99 percent chance that you’re a sales person, I’m assuming you are skilled in doing this. It’s called a pitch. Stop balking.

2. Concede defeat and stop calling me. You will not win this war.



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3 responses to “To The Unidentified Caller

  1. caitlynintherye

    Sorry, I’ll stop calling.

    Whoa, that sounded creepy.

  2. BNY

    Is there any way to make this blog post my outgoing office voicemail message? Please advise. Thanks.

  3. trevor

    A customer of mine had a brilliant idea… Caller IQ. Rather than a phone number the caller’s IQ shows up on your phone’s display… simply brilliant.

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