uggs.jpgPart of an overheard sentence stated by a female in Union Square today that, if she were a member of my potential dating pool, would lead to her immediate expulsion from my dating pool, regardless of context:

…so, it was pouring rain, and I was wearing, like, Uggs or something…



Filed under General stupidity, Life in NYC

5 responses to “Ugg-h

  1. That deserves, like, a punch in the face or something.

  2. caitlynintherye

    Dammit, I sort of like them. But not for wearing out or wearing with mini jean skirts. I like them for up at my cabin in the winter, sitting by the fire. And they aren’t pink or purple!
    Somehow I don’t think that makes it ok.

  3. Paul

    Hmmm. Was it, like, chocolate rain? Cuz then I can, like, totally understand!

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