A View to Die For

In which of the following ways would you be willing to suffer in order to catch a glimpse of a view like this? 


a.) Fall off a bike onto rocks, bruising your thigh to the point that three days later, you still cannot sit down or stand up without writhing in pain.
b.) Get told off by an enraged local for walking your bike along a walking path.
c.) Spend the following two hours pulling ticks off of your clothes.
d.) All of the above.
e.) None of the above.

I went with option “d.” And not by choice.



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5 responses to “A View to Die For

  1. Eric

    Hey, I can never see your pictures. Instead, I always just see the filename: “ditchplains.jpg”. This happens on your site and in google reader. I believe its because my company firewall blocks you image host – maybe, not sure.

    Can you host the images elsewhere?

  2. Eric: My images are hosted on the same server as my site itself, so I don’t know why you’re having a problem.

  3. Ticks Ticks Ticks!! Yeaaaa!!!

    f) Tortue yrself by spending 3 hours on the LIRR with obnoxious Long Islanders!!

  4. At least you got that great picture.

  5. Marjorie

    At least you got that picture and can make all of us feel jealous.

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