Mad at the World

They tried to make me go to Rehab, I said one more drink.

I used to be against burning books… until I heard about this one 210 times a day for the past week.

David Chase got an Emmy nomination? I didn’t know there was a category for Biggest Cocktease.

I hope you get bit by a rabid dog.



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9 responses to “Mad at the World

  1. The ending to the Sopranos is soooo obvious.

    There was a blackout.

    In a scene following the last one (which was later edited out), Tony calls PSE&G and threatens to whack the entire company if he doesn’t get power back within the hour.

  2. best post i’ve read this week.

  3. Cody

    About Harry Potter…you didn’t have to go to a book store and do live shots for TV..all while being surrounded by crazies.

    I felt a lot like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog in line at a Star Wars movie.

  4. I tried interchanging the titles and it still made a lot of sense.

    Lol. Yes, thank you.

  5. Cody…

    Did you have to participate in a dunk tank at a Harry Potter release party?

    The good news.. most of the dressed up kids were geeks who couldn’t hit a target.

  6. There’s only one response to fully sum up Miss Lohan’s situation:
    Bitch, you’re going to jail.

    Why can’t bitches just get it together?
    I KNOW you can afford a driver!

  7. Cody


    Thankfully, there were no dunk tanks…just a bunch of scary looking kids (and sadly, adults) waiting until midnight to grab the damn books.

  8. maybe it’s sitting here in the bronx, having my ears pounded by rap, screaming fights between families with their children crying, and the never ending drug deals.

    i’m a little bitter right now.

    people who fuck with kids and animals for sport, cause they think it’s fun, be it on some personal level or even by posting snide comments (on the kids.. some ass on the net who thinks it’s amusing) should be fucked repeatedly in the ass with a lawnboy riding lawnmower.

    at full speed.

    with a grass catcher.

    i’ve no problems with that.

  9. Cody

    It’s probably the rap music.

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