amNY Watch: Fare and Balanced

This doozy of a chart was in today’s am New York:


Ahh, let’s see… where should I begin?Let’s start with the visual aspects of the chart. First of all, nobody puts 50 cents on a Metrocard. I know, this is kind of nit-picky of me, and you could technically put 50 cents on a Metrocard, but it wouldn’t get you jack squat.

Next, look at the fare hikes in 1986, 1990, and 1992. They’re shown in the form of Metrocards. Except… Metrocards didn’t exist in 1986, 1990, or 1992. Ever hear of subway tokens? No? Oh, right, you’re from some crappy little town in the Midwest and came to the city to strike it rich as a journalist for a free daily.

Finally, the fares aren’t adjusted for inflation. You know what 1986’s $1.00 fare is in 2007 dollars? $1.94. You know what 1995’s $1.50 fare is in 2007 dollars? $2.05. We’re actually paying less for the subway now than we were twelve years ago. But am New York won’t tell you that, because their reporters don’t believe it things like “research” or “backstories.”



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6 responses to “amNY Watch: Fare and Balanced

  1. They really should have used reduced fare Metrocards. At least then they could have represented 50 cents as half of a reduced fare Metrocard.

  2. I’m waiting for the day when you single handedly take down this paper.

  3. Louisa

    The inanity of your obsession defies credulity

  4. Louisa: Careful throwing around words like that. I didn’t think they knew those big words at Tribune.

  5. Rose

    It’s really sad, that in all your obsession with this paper, that you still haven’t figured out how to spell their name correctly. … Sad really.

  6. Rose: It’s sad that your own paper doesn’t know how to spell its own name correctly. After all, just like the rest of the paper, its title doesn’t follow basic grammatical standards like spacing and capitalization.

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