Dirty Minds, Clean Beaches

Amanda and I saw a lot of strange stuff around Montauk last weekend. She took pictures. Among them:




Either our minds are in the gutter, or the entire Hamlet of Montauk’s minds are in the gutter. That’s for you to decide.



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8 responses to “Dirty Minds, Clean Beaches

  1. Beej

    It’s not dirty… but a sign here in Pittsburg said:

    “Found Poodle.

    Free Firewood.”

    I don’t think they intended to make me crack up while driving.

  2. CJ

    That is great…

    I love little funny snatches in life like that… heh

    I saw this a little while ago

  3. La Gringa

    Naw, my mind pretty much went to the same place yours did. ;-)

  4. rebecca

    on that pink tuna taxi, the door handle/lock combinations to the left of the words look like exclamation points ! !

  5. I applied to be the piano player, but withdrew my application after repeat requests to “shuck” on the job.

  6. i refuse to leave a reply

  7. Anne

    In Jacksonville Florida a couple weeks ago I caught glimpse of a tow truck passing me with a company name of Camel Towing. The camera phone let me down but I assure you it was hilarious…

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