The Infamous L Train Sign, Updated

This sign has been making the rounds on the web for years:


But now comes word that the MTA has updated their service change signs with new colors and two hard-hitting questions: “How does this affect my trip?” and “Why is service being changed?”

So, here’s an updated version of that sign, based on the new look:




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4 responses to “The Infamous L Train Sign, Updated

  1. I didn’t realize my whacking off was that powerful. Apparently I can stop train service! I’m like a damn wizard with my magic wand. Next up, I’m going to rub my nipples and shut down the buses…

  2. That’s the best use of the “why is service being changed” question yet. I am literally laughing out loud.

  3. Yes, but is there a new Subway Sign Generator link for it?

  4. Better yet, you get on the train and it suddenly isn’t stopping at any stop remotely close to yours because of a “backup in service.” At this point you might as well bend over, because you’re already taking it up the butt.

    On the converse side, I love it when L trains roll straight through my stop honking with the finesse of a steamroller-wrecking-ball-hybrid as if they weren’t just flipping us the bird.

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