amNY Watch: “am” Stands For “another mistake”

amNewYork‘s TV writer apparently doesn’t watch enough TV.  


I don’t exactly know how The CW is responsible for the cancellation of [the] The O.C., especially since the show aired on Fox.



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6 responses to “amNY Watch: “am” Stands For “another mistake”

  1. Well, Fox might be responsible for cancelling The O.C. but amNY was talking about “the The O.C” and that’s completely different.

  2. Oh yeah. I heard about that while getting cash from the ATM Machine. While I was entering my PIN Number.


  3. a great line from ‘in a dark, dark house’

    “why do they call it ‘the oc’? it’s orange county. do you call it the orange county?”

    made me laugh. of course, sometimes, i’m the only one laughing in the house at a neil labute play.

    go figure.

  4. Egregious grammatical errors and lack of fact checking aside, I also don’t understand why cancelling bad tv shows equals hatred for high school students.

  5. Believe it or not, I never saw any of those shows. I guess I’m out of touch with the cultural zeitgeist. But somehow, I’ve managed to live with it.

  6. Cody

    Yeah…we’re not missing much.

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