This Week in Duane Reade Employee Stupidity

SHOCKING NEWS: Duane Reade employees are inept… and poor sign makers, to boot.

(Seen at the same Duane Reade that had Coca Cola Classick on sale last week)

This sign went up early this week. You know, because if I haven’t gotten the Harry Potter book yet, I’m really going to be enticed to finally purchase it at Duane Reade.

“Let’s see… let me check my shopping list. Box of condoms? Check. Tylenol PM? Check. Valtrex prescription? Check. Ex-Lax? Check. Adult diapers? Check. Oh, shit! I forgot Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Oh, thank God! They have that here, too! Talk about one-stop shopping!”



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3 responses to “This Week in Duane Reade Employee Stupidity

  1. I don’t know which item in your faux shopping list I am most inclined to believe you buy with any frequency.

    I think I’m going to go with the ‘adult diapers.’

  2. well if you are going shopping for harry potter books at duane reade you’d better hurry! judging by the sign, they’ve only got one of the many books and lord knows which one it is…

  3. Good thing they’re in stock; Rite Aid was running low this morning.

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