Desperately Seeking a New Wardrobe

Item #1:


Wearing: Blue polo shirt with white stripes and white collar, gray zip-up hoodie
Photo Taken: July 2000

Item #2:


Wearing: Exactly the same blue polo shirt with white stripes and white collar, exactly the same gray zip-up hoodie
Photo Taken: July 2007



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16 responses to “Desperately Seeking a New Wardrobe

  1. Gray zip up hoodies never go out of style. They’re like… I don’t know… shoes or something.

  2. never mind the polo and the hoodie…what is up with that rather feminine tote you are clutching in the bottom picture? eeeek!!!

  3. I’m with Diane – what gives with the manbag?

  4. It’s not a manbag! It’s one of those canvas totes for carrying firewood. Haha… I’ve got wood.

  5. Hiphopopotomus

    yeah…but the feminine way you’re clutching that yellow cup- that i hope is filled with manly beer- and mean your pinky is pratically BEGGING to be held ever so slightly up in the air

  6. no, sorry, that’s totally a purse.

  7. AA

    Yeah, but it looks good on you so why change it?

  8. Sorry man, totally looks like a purse.

  9. i have to agree, the man-purse and the limp wrist certainly outshine any wardrobe issues. but i like that youre man enough to post this.

  10. And what’s with the way you’re holding that cup??!

    (kidding) But yeah, that murse is pretty gay.

  11. You try to hold a full cup of beer with 30 pounds of firewood on your arm!

  12. It sure looks like a manbag… but I don’t think zip-up hoodies can ever go out of style. I bet they said that about turtle neck sweaters, though.

  13. Kim

    what kind of items do you keep in your man purse? some extra lipgloss? maybe a cardigan? some nail files…looks like it could hold a lot..

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  15. I think Duane Reade sells t-shirts and stuff. You should try there.

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