New York Companies Currently on My Shit List

1. 1849 Bar

If you need to advertise your bar, your bar probably sucks. If you need to advertise your bar through the use of illegally-posted stickers plastered on every parking meter and lightpost on my block, which is six avenue blocks from your bar, your bar must be desperate.


2. Burritoville

I maintain that this place is the most authentic Mexican restaurant in New York. Without fail, every time I’ve gone here, within 30 minutes, I am in agony on my toilet at home. Somehow, they captured the essence of Mexican drinking water and brought it to New York to use in their food.

3. My Local Bodega

I will not call my bodega out by name, because I live and die by its convenient location just two doors from my apartment. But I was quite disturbed to learn of last week’s price increase in the two products that I purchase the most from the place: gum and candy. I would take my business elsewhere, but the combined 35 extra cents I’d be spending on this stuff is probably not worth walking two blocks to the next bodega. So, in protest, I’m bitching about it on my blog instead.

4. Duane Reade

They must be stopped. On Friday, I witnessed a sight that I thought was exclusive to Starbucks: a Duane Reade – directly across the street from another Duane Reade. This phoenomenon takes place at the corner of 57th and Broadway. Duane Reade is quickly becoming the next Starbucks… only Duane Reade’s employees are ten times more surly and one-tenth as cheerful.


5. Chase Bank

Number of drugstores I passed in a four-block walk on Saturday during which I was having an allergy attack: 0

Number of Chase Bank locations I passed in a four-block walk on Saturday during which I was having an allergy attack: 4



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21 responses to “New York Companies Currently on My Shit List

  1. Oh the DR thing kills me. I actually work near that corner of 57th. Turns out they are closing the old one…that was supposed to be like 6 months ago.

    Then again, where else will the disgruntled and moronic find employment?

  2. Wasn’t it a Chase bank that replaced the Second Avenue Deli? Fuckers.

  3. Duane Reade really pisses me off. I love waiting 20 minutes in line to buy a can of cat food. Really, those six unmanned cash registers are just an insult.

  4. add_roc

    Easy solution to the burritoville problem, STOP GOING THERE. For me it is White Castle, but I haven’t eaten there in about a year cause I don’t like what it does to my insides. It’s just not worth it sometimes!

  5. Hahaha, I love the combo of #4 and #5. Drugstores: Everywhere and nowhere!

  6. And don’t forget: You can find a Chase ATM inside of every Duane Reade. It’s a conglomeration of suck.

  7. if this were my list i would most certainly add time warner.
    the service does nothing but suck camel balls yet they still feel the need to pull my pants down over the cost.
    damn their road running asses, i’d certainly like to run them off a road.

  8. Gwin

    Sally: yes, it was a Chase that replaced the 2nd Ave. Deli.

    I think the proliferation of banks makes me even angrier than Duane Reades, even if the people who work at DR are borderline retarded.

  9. Sarah

    I live next to the Duane Reade at 57th and Broadway (SW corner). The Duane Reade at 57th & Broadway (SE corner) has a 24 hour pharmacy. It is a huge pain to have to cross the street to go to the 24 hour pharmacy if I need something and realize that the pharmacy at the closer DR is closed. A huge pain. My life is very, very difficult.

  10. Brian

    Duane Reade has a long way to go to catch Starbucks… I live about three blocks from the famous Lewis Black “end of the universe” Starbucks, and they’re about to build a Barnes & Noble behind one of them. That means, this time next year, there will be one in the bookstore, one in a freestanding structure 10 feet outside the bookstore and one directly across the street.

  11. dan

    Bah, don’t bash Burritoville. It’s great, I’ve been eating there once a week for six or eight years, no problems at all. It’s hardly authentic mexican — and I grew up in Tucson, so I know — but its fast and filling and tasty. Plus all the chips and salsa you want, pretty good salsa too.

  12. Dan: That’s why I keep going back. I just wish it didn’t ravage my stomach every single time.

  13. Marjorie

    The Chase Bank phenomenon is only because they used to be Bank of New York locations before Chase bought out BNY.

  14. Toby

    I hate Chase.
    The Chase I really hate with an extreme passion is the one that is where the Second Avenue Deli should be. My gut tells me is that the bank arseholes got the landlord to force the landmark out. I theorize that this is the case since Chase is quite evil and their employees are rude pricks.

  15. if you hate duane reade, you would hate living in Queens. in my old neighborhood of Rego Park, I swear there was a pharmacy on every block. Absolutely disgusting.

    so the next time you are having an allergy attack, take the R to Queens.

  16. STFU

    people with cats and allergies are pussies and should shut the fuck up.

  17. get real

    Sally, Gwin, Toby:

    The Second Avenue Deli closed 10 years after its owner was murdered. Hardly anything to do with Chase Bank, one of the finer financial institutions in this city.

    Don’t like burritoville? STOP EATING THERE!!! They are not forcing you to go (or are they?).

    I love burritos and banks. They both make NYC great!

  18. STFY


    people with cats and allergies AND pussies should shut the fuck up.

  19. mcscatterbomb

    I guess there aren’t enough Duane Reades in this city…

  20. Sikbug

    There is also a DR on 42nd and Lex then on the other side of the block there is another one. This caused me confusion when trying to cut through the DR to get to the basement of the Chrysler building. Is there a square block that has more than 2 DR’s? I wouldn’t doubt it…

  21. Frederick A.

    1849 flyers were illegally posted? Holy crap. Illegal. Run!!!

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