Silver Lining

ltrainsign2.jpgMy commute sucked this morning, and so did just about everyone else’s. But I think we need to take some joy in this thought:

At one point this morning, the L train was not running. The G train was not running, either. On top of that, car services in North Brooklyn were reporting up to 90-minute wait times. So, during that period between about 7am and 10am this morning, hipsters from Williamsburg could not get to Manhattan.

And I believe our city is better because of it.



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5 responses to “Silver Lining

  1. Ouch. I actually missed the L today. All I was thinking about as I was wandering around in other parts of Brooklyn this morning, vaguely lost, was that if I still lived in Williamsburg, at least I would know my options.

  2. Manhattan wasn’t much better. It took me almost an hour to get from the East Village to midtown.

  3. at least it wasn’t ridiculously humid out…oh wait.

  4. Paul

    “At one point this morning, the L train was not running”

    And this is different from a normal day?

  5. Hipster

    People who pay $1,000 less a month in rent than some jackass in the east village had trouble getting into the city.

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