Roughing It

Pros/Cons of being in New Hampshire:

Pro: You can almost taste the fresh mountain air.
Con: You can actually taste the lake water that comes out of the tap.

Pro: You will see wildlife that you would never see in New York City.
Con: You will see a swarm of 50 mosquitoes eyeing your blood at sunset.

Pro: The blueberry pie from the roadside stand is delicious.
Con: Your body hates you for the three pieces of pie you ate last night.

Pro: You are hours away from the tourist swarms in Times Square.
Con: This is the place where the tourists live. Or worse, where they vacation when they’re not visiting New York City.

Pro: The local news in New Hampshire actually feels local and relevant.
Con: The local news in New Hampshire actually calls a one-alarm apartment fire “breaking news.”

Pro: You will save a lot of money on alcohol.
Con: The only bar within walking distance is the wet bar in your neighbor’s basement.
Counter-pro: The beer there is free, and you don’t have to tip.
Counter-con: You will have a massive hangover every morning of your vacation.



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5 responses to “Roughing It

  1. Are you vacationing with Sarkozy?

  2. Where and what is this “New Hampshire” you keep writing of? It sounds to me like you are actually just in a K Hole sitting in your apartment.

  3. Blueberry pie… sounds awesome.

  4. Kim

    my dad lives in NH, you should go visit him…he would make you talk about golf and republicans …and you better show up in khakis and a lacoste

  5. Cody

    Isn’t the massive hangover all part of the vacation (and worth it if said alcohol is free)?

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