If You Don’t Read My Blog in the Next 10 Minutes, Your Pet will Die

I’ve just learned that this post from last week has become a chain letter that’s circulating around the Intarweb.

If you happen to get it forwarded to you, let ’em know the source! And gloat about how you read it first.



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10 responses to “If You Don’t Read My Blog in the Next 10 Minutes, Your Pet will Die

  1. Amy

    Yeah – I actually emailed it to somebody after reading it here (hey, could I have started the whole thing?!?!) — and had it emailed to me! (Told them where it came from.) It’s making the rounds!!!

  2. Meaghan

    you’re SO SMUG.

  3. Are you for serious? That’s nifty.

  4. I didn’t read your blog within 10 minutes of this posting. I hope I’m not going home to a dead cat today.

  5. clnyc

    It’s actually how I started reading this blog – two days ago. It’s a very cool sign, by the way. And this blog is hilarious.

  6. Have you ‘tipped the point’, tapped into the zeitgeist etc? How exciting!

  7. i didn’t read it within 10 minutes.

    i’m hoping the frigging flies that hover around the door, waiting to pounce in the minute i open it die.

  8. I discovered your site the day of that post and I sent it to everyone I know because I was laughing so hard. But mostly I enjoyed the one about the hipsters not being able to get into Manhattan (I live on the L). So if the email that’s circulating has both posts in it, it’s probably the one I started…

  9. The receptionist at my office had received the subway post via e-mail and showed it to the whole office. Everybody thought it was hilarious, myself included. I had no idea at the time that it was your work. Nicely done. Now I can gloat that the author is a friend of mine.

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