Medical Leave


After spending a great deal of today in a hospital and being hopped up on a whole bunch of drugs, I don’t exactly have the energy to write much of anything.

In the meantime, I’ll leave it to my clever commenters to wildly speculate on what medical ailment I have. Go nuts.



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23 responses to “Medical Leave

  1. I’m going to say Herpes.

    Or shaken baby syndrome.

    Either way… get well buddy!

  2. Rob

    according to the picture you got nailed. usually that’s good. here, not so much

  3. Had the legs of someone you didn’t know attached to your knees to allow yourself the speed of four legs to win this years marathon?

    I hope that you get well soon bud.

  4. Jimmy

    I think he got the clap from Crapelbon when they went out boozing together and saw the Yankees were so close to the standings so they got really drunk and discovered that they like men.

  5. Meaghan

    vacationing in NH=Lyme Disease?

    Or, after a week of vacationing and, as a corollary to that, not shaving, were you immediately arrested upon retun to NY on suspicion of terrorism and beaten to within an inch of your life by Homeland Security?

    Possibly a car accident?

    Did you have a run-in with Lorena Bobbitt?

    um, I’m out of ideas.

  6. Whatever you have, feel better. I hate hospitals.

  7. Scurvy. Or The Bends. Or are they the same thing?

  8. did you get attacked by your man purse?

  9. o no…i know what happened. your man purse was too heavy and you broke your arm! ouchie!

  10. The Joy

    It’s skin related. Hopefully not Staph. That would be gross.

  11. Well, I know it’s probably not alcohol poisoning. After our Montauk trip, I am convinced that you are immune to hops.

    Get well!

  12. I’m gonna go with either Crabs or something related to Benadryl. Or maybe both.

  13. Ali

    I’m going to say you have a delirium-induced fever induced by a surprisingly dry liver.

  14. As long as they didn’t take your tonsils!!!!

  15. fbl

    Wow, that’s the f*cking most amazing x-ray, ever.
    I totally want to know how that happened to that poor schmuck…
    As for this blog’s ‘poor schmuck’, it’s obviously something psychological.

  16. diane’s entry wins.

    after reading blogs today, a huge number of people seem to be ill.

    here in utah, i’m healthy as anything…bored as hell, but healthy.

    hope you feel better soon…. i’ll ship chicken soup…

  17. Best wishes… hope you feel better soon.

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