Update: Don’t Panic, I’m All Right

After a visit to the hospital, a couple days of bedrest, and many doses of steroids, I’m back in the game and back to work tomorrow.

I just hope the Commissioner of Blogging doesn’t test for performance-enhancing drugs.

Side note: outside of this blog’s title, this week’s top Google search term leading to my blog has been “glory holes in New Hampshire,” probably because of this post. I don’t think I can help you there, fellas.

But I do know of a couple people who probably can:




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6 responses to “Update: Don’t Panic, I’m All Right

  1. I have to admit that I secretly made you sick in a futile “take out the competition” plot. It must have worked because my blog traffic went up 50% yesterday. I had four hits.

  2. caitlynintherye

    So what happened? Does this have any wildly exciting story to accompany it?

    Hope you’re feeling better and that those aren’t your actual x-rays below.

  3. Poor, you! What a way to end a vacation! Glad things are better. Can’t wait to interview you later!

    Is that a real X-ray (your X-ray), or did you gank that off the internet?

  4. Yeah, where’s the story about your ailment?

    Oh Vito, poor Vito.

  5. i bet those guys understood tamping down

  6. Rob

    I know what happened. You ate too many Johnny Cakes and fell on a nail gun….6 times.

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