amNY Watch: Using the Thesaurus Function

From today’s amNewYork:


tamp [tamp] – v. 1. to force in or down by repeated, rather light, strokes: He tamped the tobacco in his pipe. 2. (in blasting) to fill (a drilled hole) with earth or the like after the charge has been inserted.

No. I don’t think that works here.

Also, I don’t think most readers of amNewYork have ever even heard the word “tamp.”



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4 responses to “amNY Watch: Using the Thesaurus Function

  1. In all fairness to amNY, they didn’t come up with tamp on their own. They simply stole it from the Associated Press.

  2. Makes sense. Isn’t everything in amNY cribbed from other sources?

  3. Maybe they meant to say “on” instead of “down”.

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