Stupidity Police on Patrol

Things I have come to learn about Rhode Islanders:

In the elevator at the Kingston, RI railroad station



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7 responses to “Stupidity Police on Patrol

  1. Deb

    It is even more frightening when you consider the train station is on the campus of an institute of higher learning!

  2. Paul

    I believe those directions are written in Comic Sans no less!!! Aaahhhhh…!

  3. I love how the star and the “1” are worn out from idiots pressing it thinking it operates the elevator.

  4. Sarah

    What floor are they on that floor 2 is up and floor 1 is down? There’s no mezzanine button!

  5. no.
    that can’t be true.
    it just can’t.
    no one is that stupid.

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