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Dream Analysis: Dreams That Go Bump in the Night

dreams.JPGDate of Dream: Wednesday, March 28th

Dream Synopsis: After arriving at the U.S. Airways terminal for a flight home from LaGuardia to Providence, I stop off at my gate and realize I still have 20 minutes before my flight boards. To ease my boredom, I break out my cell phone and call my mom to chat while I walk around the terminal.

Upon returning to the gate, I find that my flight is already boarding, so I rush to the gate agent to hand her my boarding pass. She informs me that I have been bumped from the flight after being paged on the intercom in the area of the gate, and I will have to call a central reservations number to be re-booked on a later flight. Frustrated, I throw my cell phone against a wall and slam my laptop bag down in a chair.

Possible Interpretations:

  • I still have an unresolved fear of flying… out of LaGuardia.
  • I do not care much for technology.
  • I read The Consumerist too much.
  • I have a fear of being abandoned by U.S. Airways.
  • I have unresolved “mommy issues.”
  • Because Freud believes most dreams represent some form of sexual repression, I have a secret yearning to join the “Mile High Club.”

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