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Friday Funnies, Sponsored by Viagra

Okay, not really. And honestly, I cannot forgive them for butchering an Elvis song and playing the commercial over and over on the 30th anniversary of his death. But, this ad, from our neighbors to the north, is much more… tasteful? Not really, but I’ll go with that.

Keep UP the HARD work, because the weekend is almost here, and I’m willing to bet some JEWELS that you’re ready to go ALL NIGHT LONG. I hope you MEAT a celebrity or get a HUGE PACKAGE in the mail. I wouldn’t want you to meet some PRICK at a ROD Stewart concert. Nor WOOD I want you to choke on a SALAMI sandwich…


Okay, I’m done.

Have a great weekend.



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Friday Funnies: The Purple Parrots are on the Attack

I’ve been waiting all week to put this up. I don’t go to College Humor very often, mainly because, well, I’m not in college. I should go more often, especially since I have a total mancrush on two of its contributors. Sometimes I think that my sense of humor might be on the 10-year college plan, because this video is hilarious.

(WARNING: audio not exactly safe for work. See? Now you have something to look forward to on your commute home tonight!)

Enjoy your weekend. I’m outtie 5,000. Catch you next time on Legends of the Hidden Temple. Or just Monday. Yeah, Monday sounds better.


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Friday Funnies: The Simpsons’ Good Old Days

The movie is out after about ten years of waiting, but let’s relive the good old days of The Simpsons.

Have a great weekend. I’ve got nothing clever to say here this week, since I’m still recovering from last weekend. See you all on Monday… on the Internets.


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Friday Funnies: This Song Will Torture You All Weekend

Here’s a challenge for you:

1. Watch this video once or twice.

2. Be amused by how absolutely horrendous it is.

3. Try to get this song out of your head.

You’ll thank me later. Either that, or you’ll never forgive me. And if that doesn’t get your booty shakin, this video sure will!

Have a fantastic weekend.


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Friday Funnies: Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

Thanks for stopping by. We’d like to give a special thanks to this week’s title sponsor, Rosebud Frozen Peas.

The Critic never fails. Have a great weekend, and I’ll catch you back here on Monday.


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Friday Funnies: This is a Terrible Idea… Terribly Great!

Even if just once, I could have a Friday Funny that didn’t involve drinking, maybe that would make me a better person. But I’m not looking for ways to make me a better person; it’s a Friday afternoon, I’m looking for ways to get wasted.

Sure, the Grammar Police could have a field day with this video. But guess what? F*ck the Grammar Police. The Grammar Police are out on their donut run right now. So enjoy this clip, and have a fantastic weekend.

I’ll catch you here on Monday, when reality sets back in.


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Friday Funnies: Long on Weekend, Short on Posts

Sorry, folks. I’m away for a long weekend, soaking up the sun and enjoying the view.


Oh, wait. Not that view… the other view.


And speaking of boobies, here’s your Friday Funnies. It’s an oldie but goodie from several years back from our neighbor to the north.

Enjoy your weekend. And don’t forget to pack the sunscreen.


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